White truffle Marzuolo

uber borchii vittadini o Tuber albidum pico, volgarmente noto come Tartufo Bianchetto o Marzuolo 

Tuber borchii vittadini or Tuber albidum pico, commonly known as White truffle Bianchetto.

It has a much lower commercial value than the prized white truffle. It can be confused with the truffle magnatum, because originally it presents itself with the same characteristics, but when it reaches maturity it becomes darker and it also has a less delicate odor and almost always has a smaller size.
As well as the surface, also the gleba (the inner part) from clear becomes dark with maturation. The most beautiful pieces are often found near conifers where ditches and small streams are present.

It grows in deciduous and coniferous woods in calcareous soils.


The collection period is from January to April.

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