Truffle Hunting

Have you ever experienced the excitement of truffle hunting?
Have you ever wanted to find out how to do it, where it is, how it behaves when the dog starts digging to reveal it ..?


With Siena Tartufi you can do it: you will live a unique experience, in the company of the faithful Moka and Pepita (search dogs) and Alessandro, owner of Siena Tartufi with 23 years experience. And at the end of the tour you can take home the precious fruit of research with a 30% discount and prepare with friends a dinner with a unique and unforgettable flavor!


Call us, write us an email or visit us in Piazza del Campo for more detailed information … we’ll take you to the woods around Siena to experience the unique emotion of search for truffles!

Alessandro di Siena Tartufi nel bosco con Moka durante un truffle hunting - foto di Marco Cheli
La magia del truffle hunting - Alessandro di Siena Tartufi trova bellissimo tartufo bianco - foto di