White Truffle Cream


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Ingredients: Cream, milk, Meadow mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), butter, Parmesan cheese (milk, salt, rennet), olive il 8%, White Truffles 5%: Bianchetto Truffle 4,5% (Tuber borchii or albidum Pico), White Truffle 0,5% (Tuber magnatum Pico), cornstarch, Pecorino Romano (sheep’s milk, salt, rennet), Emmental cheese (raw milk, lactic ferments, rennet, salt), sunflower lecithin, natural flavouring, salt, flavouring, white pepper.

For starters, main courses and pasta dishes.

Once opened keep refrigerated max 7 days. Any dark stains on the lid or sides of the jar are due to the sterilization and are not an indication of inferior product quality.

90 gr.

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