Black truffle precious

tartufo nero pregiato

Tuber melanosporum, commonly known as the Black truffle precious.

Symbiotic fungus, hypogeum, grows in the hilly and mountain areas in symbiosis with hazel, oak, hornbeam, holm oak and downy oak plants; sometimes the truffle (or pianello) is recognized thanks to the action of the mycelium which inhibits the growth of the vegetation below the micorizzata plant.

It has a rather homogeneous and roundish appearance with polygonal warts. The surface of the truffle, of a blackish brown color, takes on rust-colored shades when rubbed, while the gleba (inner part) is black-purplish with small white veins. Its aroma is very intense and aromatic.
It is considered the most prized after the white truffle.

The collection period is usually from November to March.

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