Black summer truffle

Tartufo nero estivo o Scorzone. 

Tuber aestivum vittadini, commonly known as the Black summer truffle or Scorzone.

Symbiotic fungus, hypogeum, grows in association with broad-leaved and coniferous trees and develops over a large amount of land. It is very similar to the prized black truffle and can reach even considerable dimensions.
The external surface shows pyramidal warts of blackish brown color and has an intense aromatic odor.

It is distinguished from the black truffle when it is cut, in fact the gleba (inner part) does not become dark, but fades from beige to arrive – depending on the ripeness – to dark yellow.
It has a delicate aromatic odor (not very intense) that sometimes resembles that of certain mushrooms.

It grows in both clay and sandy soils.

The collection period usually occurs between June and September.


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